The Truth about Tint .

It becomes a sad day, when we find that we have been learning thru the school of hard knocks. As may be the case with window tinting and films, since the manufactures have an ability to make simple basic films appear to the consumer as asetetically pleasing as many high grade films.

3M company has recognized this potential for deception and developed a check system, a means of protecting their own reputation while securing consumer confidence in a window film purchase. The 3M logo “print mark” is applied to only the highest grade window film products manufactured by the company, and was intended to provide verification of authenticity for the buyer. With the costs of new and upgraded window film products coming into the marketplace more every day, this is 3M companies guarantee to you, that you get what you paid for. We can remove these logos within seconds, once the customer has seen the finished installation.

A very brief history of window films shows that a basic dyed film came first, it provides simply privacy and shading, an average 30% heat reduction. In the early 90s, a second generation film was born; metalization was integraded with dye, for an average of 50% heat reduction. The metal could stand alone for a maximum of 70% heat reduction, due to increased shine. The “hybrid” dyed/metal films won, and these metalized window films are most commonly used today as quality films.

While the development of nano-technologies continues to humm along, 3M company has the resources necessary to stay ahead, designing and building anything with their name on it, better than anyone else can. Now its 3M Crystalline automotive window film, revealing 70% of the visible light, yet blocking nearly 60% of the heat overall; a new propritary custom design window film giving consumers an opportunity to have all the performance, health, and safety benefits of metalized window films, without the appearance of any window film at all. The Crystalline is certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation to block 99.99% of the ultraviolet radiation we receive from our sun, and effective 1700SPF. Oh, and just so you all know, all window films block greater than 96% of the ultraviolet radiation, unless they have been mis-manufactured. That was the purpose of window film development from the beginning. I repeat and emphisize, all window films block nearly all of the ultraviolet radiation we receive from our sun. So, if you go to a window film dealer, and ask for ultraviolet protection, he can literally give you the most basic film, make it look good, and be legal. You choose the darkness, and get little heat reduction.

3M company appeals to those individuals who understand taking shortcuts will generally yeild only short term results, and that quality buys value longterm. 3M Crystalline automotive window film is extremely expensive, but as one who has offered quality and service to customers for my whole adult career, I can promise you complete satisfaction, or your money back. You have never driven a luxury automobile, until you have driven one with Crystalline automotive window film installed on the front windshield. The high definition crystal clear view of the roadway is unsurpassed day or night. Every technical specification has been exercised to produce the ultimate window film product.


Author: Jeffrey Kalmar

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26 years in the tinting industry.


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