Controversial? – God Wants You To Get Your Windows Tinted

Potentially Controversial. If you’re offended easily don’t read this.

God Wants You To Get Your Windows Tinted

God commands you to Tint your windows.

I’m not a religious man but I do understand when a window is in front of me God has a plan.

You must see clearly.

Without the benefits and protection of window film it is a sin.

You know the truth just look deep within.

Somewhere in the Bible it must say Tint your windows today.

You could pray about it just put your hands together and say whatever comes to mind but then be quiet silent and listen for the divine to speak and give you the answer so you feel in your heart you know that window film on your windows is smart.

If there was such a thing back when the flood came Noah would have had window tint on his arc.

Because God wants you to protect the passengers whether they be animals, loved ones or enemies.

Window tinting is righteous you see.

Only the wicked would go without.

It Wasn’t 10 Commandments, it was 11, The 11th Commandment said get your windows tinted if you want to go to heaven.

You can go to church if you like, but that’s boring besides God said get your windows tinted and everything would be alright.

You can be gangster and go with the dark tint and still believe that you could be saved with privacy film because it’s your faith in Perfect Darkness that brings your light.

You can choose light and classy film so others can see your windows are clearly tinted plus your righteousness shines bright as can be.

God loves the look of tinted windows and he don’t care about what’s legal, he wrote the laws but he don’t speak legalese.

God told me Tint Laws were created by men who are wicked… he said very carefully I want you to listen, men who make rules and regulations aim to control the state of your victimization when you give up your power as a sovereign citizen.

God said I created the sun, then I created window tint to protect you from what’s to come, the blistering heat that can scorch you from your head to your feet, the harmful UV rays that can give you skin cancer and end your days.

When’s the last time you looked up in the heavens, and there in the clouds Gods coming down to give blessings all around to those of you who made the decision to pull out your wallet and get your windows tinted.

Oh dear lord, son of Marry, I got my windows tinted because the devil told me not to and that was scary.

Just like “cousin It” was very hairy, I went with heat rejection film because diby-doby-badeary.

Yes it is blasphemy not to get your windows tinted.

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