Welcome to Window Tint Central, a leader in the sales, installations and service of high quality glass coatings and tintings.

We are based around outstanding customer service, and from the first time you contact us, you will know you have came to the right place. That service  and professionalism continues through the entire process, from selecting the proper fiims, down to the smallest detail of the installation, we cover it all to ensure the customer can make an informed decision.

Window Tint Central (formerly Sun Comfort Tinting Solutions) was founded in 1999 by Chris Carrow.  Chris started in the industry cleaning glass before installations, and quickly realized his passion for window tinting and the industry as a whole.  After mastering the trade, Chris set out, determined to bring a higher level of professionalism to the industry, he developed a simple philosophy – Exceed the customers expectations by taking the time to to understand their needs and provide a taylored solution at a competitive price.   No matter the size of the project, we treat every customer with the same great service and professioalism people have come to expect.

Chris Carrow

Owner / Operator