4 Reasons Window Tinting is Not For You

Everyone like to have their windows to have a bit of tint on them and everyone’s reasons for this are different. Some like the looks, some like the privacy and other for the fact that it blocks out the sun. But is it all it is really cracked up to be?

Here are four reasons you window tinting might not be the best choice or options for you:

1. Accidents

2. Regulations

3. Age

4. Material

1. Accidents – there is always some organization or body of people that like to rally against things. The same is true for window tinting and this is why we have regulations and this is talked about below. There are two main reasons for not having windows very dark due to tint and these are for general driving and for cops. Seeing what is happening on the road at all times can be hindered when your windows are tinted too dark. As far as cops go, it is very unsafe for them to approach a car when they cannot see the occupants inside, they are walking blindly.

2. Regulations – these regulations are different in every state. If you drive into the next state, how do you know that you are not committing a crime? Also, as politicians are likely to do, regulations can change depending on who is in power. Or they just change their mind sometimes and then what are you supposed to do? It is all a little too difficult sometimes. This is specifically a point about car windows being tinted and not house windows of course.

3. Age – Sometimes you do not know the true quality of a product until many years down the track. Let’s say you decided window tinting was for you and you did your whole house. Five or maybe six years later it can start to fade or crack or bubble up and this is not a good look at all. It can be very hard to remove it again.

4. Material – There are many types of glass and surfaces that you may want to tint but tint can not always stick or be suitable for what you want. Make sure you find out before you go ahead with this.

We can breifly see here that there is an argument against having tint on windows. Personally, I do not think it is very strong but I do think it is very important to see the other side of things and the often unheard truths and opinions of other people out there. This gives us all a learning experience and helps us be more confident when it comes to making a purchase we may not have been so confident about before.